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Silex Banking Company

ATM & Debit Cards

The Silex Banking Company offers a choice of a SHAZAM® ATM card or a SHAZAM® Debit Card.

ATM Card

  • Used to withdraw cash at qualifying automatic teller machines worldwide.
  • No fee to withdraw at Silex Banking Company ATM.
  • Must be 18 years or older to be eligible for card.
  • ATM cards are subject to approval.
  • No charge for initial card.
  • Report lost or stolen cards at 800-383-8000.

Debit Card

  • Used to withdraw cash at automatic teller machine and to make purchases anywhere that accepts debit MasterCard®. These transactions are directly withdrawn from your account. You will not receive a statement or bill for these transactions.
  • Must be 18 years or older to be eligible for card.
  • Debit cards are subject to approval.
  • No charge for initial card.
  • No fee to withdraw at Silex Banking Company ATM.
  • Using Privileged Status ATM’s will avoid a surcharge. To find a privileged status ATM click on the following link, www.shazam.net, and look for Privileged Status Locator.
  • Report lost or stolen cards at 800-383-8000.

The Silex Banking Company, along with SHAZAM®, works diligently to fight back against fraud. Some of the processes used to fight fraud include Falcon Fraud Manager with Real-Time scoring. This product can decline a transaction at the point of sale if it meets the guidelines of possible fraud. We can also use Card Block on an individual card level to stop authorizations or transactions based on fraud patterns. Ultimately following the listed simple safety rules is one of your best defenses against fraud. 

We also use SecureCode. It uses 3D Secure technology that helps protect card accounts against unauthorized Internet transactions by using identity information established between individual cardholders and the bank. Once the cardholder activates the service, the card cannot be used at a participating Internet merchant without authentication by an authorized user of the account.  We are migrating toa  new vendor regarding this service, so if you are previously enrolled, after September 10, 2015, you will  need to re-enroll.  There are two options to re-enroll or for initial enrolling: during check-out at perticipating online merchant or using the following URL, https://shazam.cardinalcommerce.com/CardServices/.


BOLT$ is a FREE mobile app that helps protect you from fraud by sending alerts when your debit card is used so you can quickly detect unauthorized activity. You choose which alerts to receive and when. Alerts include

  •  Purchases exceeding thresholds you set.

  •   Purchases made via the internet or over the phone

  •  Suspicious or high-risk purchases.

If you receive an alert, you can quickly take action to prevent fraud.

 With BOLT$, you can also:

  •   Turn your debit card on or off

  •  Block internet/phone usage of card.

  •  Block purchases outside of the U.S.

  • Check your account balance without logging in with the Quick Balance feature.

  • Log in with just your fingerprint.


Visit your app store and search for “SHAZAM BOLT$” to download now. Or, scan the applicable code on the right.





Travel Tips

If you are headed out of town, give us a quick call to let us know. One of the ways we
protect you is to block suspicious transactions, including unexpected out-of-town
purchases. Your call will save you the inconvenience of having your card declined.
Clean out your wallet. Carrying a lot of credit and debit cards on vacation only increases the
likelihood that one of them will become lost or stolen. Take only what you need, and make sure
your limits are high enough to cover all expenses. Extra tip: Find out your daily withdrawal limit
before you leave and ask to have it increased while on your trip.
Always be mindful of your personal security when accessing an ATM. Put your money
and your card away immediately after making a withdrawal. Count your money later, out of
public view. Extra tip: If you can’t find an ATM and need cash, ask for cash back when you use
your debit card for purchases at retail locations.
Put your receipts in your pocket — not the bag. It’s common to end up with a lot of receipts
when traveling. Even though receipts don’t typically display full account numbers, a thief
can still do a lot with the information. Crooks can also use receipts to make fraudulent
returns linked to you.
Monitor your account frequently. Checking your account balance is a great way to combat
fraud. With the new SHAZAM BOLT$ mobile app, you can receive alerts to potential
fraud on your smartphone or tablet and check your debit account balances as often as
you’d like.
Report a lost or stolen card immediately. Be sure to contact us for our emergency travel
phone numbers before your trip and keep them in a safe place.

ATM Security Tips

Approach with Caution

  • Never insert your card or enter your PIN in a terminal that does not appear genuine, has been modified, has an added device, or operates in a suspicious manner.
  • At a drive-up ATM, keep doors locked and passenger windows closed.
  • Take your cash, receipt and card after you have completed your transaction. Before throwing away receipts, tear them up.

Be Efficient

  • Have your card ready when approaching the ATM.
  • Block others’ view. Stand between the terminal and any person waiting behind you.
  • Review your bank statement immediately for unauthorized transactions.

Prevent Fraud

  • Memorize your PIN. NEVER write your PIN on your card or anything you carry with or near your card. Do not reveal your PIN to anyone and never lend your card to anyone.
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately.
  • NEVER give your PIN over the phone. Be careful about information you discuss using a cell phone.
  • Know who you are talking to. Do not give unsolicited callers personal information or account numbers. Never respond to a text requesting you to provide card, PIN or personal information.
  • Do not fall victim to “Phishing.” Never respond to an e-mail requesting you to provide card, PIN or personal information via the Internet.
  • Remember when shopping online, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

Take Care of Your Card

  • Treat your card like cash or a credit card. Protect it from exposure to magnetic objects, which can deactivate your card.
  • Record and safely file the necessary number for reporting of loss or theft, 800-383-8000.
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